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What you need to know to make your CNC bits last?
Understanding these concepts will extend the life of your bit and make your projects better. There are...
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Get inspired today with these 3 great wood crafting ideas.
These are 3 great ideas to get you wood crafting TODAY! #1. Rustic Wooden Letters This is a great idea...
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Wavy American Flag
What is a CNC?
I get this question all the time so naturally, I have to blog about it. A CNC is by definition, a computer...
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Onefinity CNC
Buying a hobbyist CNC.
Onefinity Journeyman X-50, cutting a jig to hold cabinet rails. I think the CNC is a great way to begin...
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Upcut Downcut Bit
What is the difference between an Up Cut and Down Cut Bit for CNC?
Understanding these two key bits can really help you start or move forward with your CNC dreams. Diagram...
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Top 10 selling projects for a CNC small business
These are ten ideas to get your small business CNC making money! #1. Tie Hanger. I personally really...
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Can I flatten an End Grain Cutting Board with a CNC?
Yes, you can! I have flattened End Grain Charcuterie Boards with no issue. What I will say because I...
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Your MATERIAL makes as much difference as your CNC.
I made a poll, because honestly this is me learning too about what materials people really like working...
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A thought about stains.
So, I just wanted to bring up my thoughts on using stains for your woodwork and how to make better decisions...
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Using tabs on your CNC project.
So when creating Tabs on your CNC work, what size do you use? I don’t have an easy answer for this one....
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