Top 3 reasons to use a J-Tech Digital Mouse.

Why I chose the J-Tech Digital Mouse.

Hey folks, just another “how I do it blog.” Today I am talking about my right-hand tool… The J-Tech Digital Wireless Mouse.

Upgrading your normal mouse and learning how to use it is a great addition to anyone doing CNC, Laser or Adobe Suites work on any consistent basis. Programs to consider upgrading your mouse are as follows:


Fusion 360


VCarve Pro


Adobe Illustrate

Adobe Photoshop

There are many more, but these are the digital monsters I use to make my projects.

I am an affiliate for this product. However, I could be an affiliate for many different products but I specifically chose this one because it is the product I actually like and recommend. By using my links, you help support this website.

Round 1. It's a great mouse!

First, I will start with, it’s just a superior mouse. As a wireless and optically guided mouse, it provides superior connection and tracking over any mouse I have used. Connection times (the mouse “sleeps” when not in use) are literally in the less than one second range. Honest, I have an Apple mouse that takes 15 seconds some times. That is one of those frustrations I just don’t want when I sit down to make a quick adjustment or read an email. The tracking on the mouse is excellent. With Adobe Illustrate I am able to really dive down to the finite detail I require.

Round 2. Pain reducing elements.

Second, the mouse is designed ergonomically to help and/or prevent wrist and hand injuries. Yes, it is oddly shaped and takes some getting used to but it’s worth it. Two testimonials! Last summer I injured my thumb on a jobsite, it’s called Triggerman’s Syndrome, and was going to have surgery for it. The mouse is designed for people with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Turns out, a little rest and a new mouse and all was better. Something that shouldn’t go away, did and all I did was change the angle of my mouse and baby it a bit. As far as the other testimonial, my 12 year old son jumped on my computer and started using my mouse and didn’t even notice. The mouse is so easy to learn, he did it without blinking an eye.

This is a picture of the J-Tech Digital Mouse being used to prevent misalignment that could be a cause of medical issues like carpel tunnel syndrome.
The J-Tech Digital Mouse being used to prevent misalignment that could be a cause of medical issues like carpel tunnel syndrome.

Round 3. The programmability of the J-Tech Digital Mouse.

Third! The mouse is programable. This is a killer advantage when speeding up processes. Using AutoCAD as an example (and remember most of the programs listed above run on AutoCAD principles) you can customize the mouse in order to make five of the buttons more efficient for your use. You can customize:





3D View

I can tell you that the Pan/Zoom is absolutely worth the money for ALL the programs above. Dealing with Zoom on Adobe Photoshop is very annoying without a feature like that.  Another great use is actually in medical field for looking at imagery. It is the same concept that is used for the design software.

Lastly, battery life. The website states up to 12 months on one charge. Yes, it’s rechargeable! I have not gotten those results, but I do go MONTHS without charging. Then when it does die (and if I had one negative the fact that it doesn’t tell you it’s low would be it) you just plug it in and it charges up lickity-split.

Yes, I said Lickity-Split... It's my blog.

I hope you run out and grab one, they are truly worth it. I will also end on the disclaimer! Again, I am paid by an affiliate fee if you buy the J-Tech Digital Mouse off of one of these links, but I really do use it daily and it is by far the best mouse I have ever owned. Not to mention, actually pretty cheap.

I either way, I would rather just build a readership that trusts what I say. With that said PLEASE like and subscribe. Check out my website and blog. Look at my YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. And if you really like me, buy me a coffee, or buy a custom flag!


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