Picture of the Travis Manion Foundations logo, a T and a M combined to make a Spartan helmet.

A list Veteran Organizations I appreciate! Part 1.

A list Veteran Organizations I appreciate!

     Hey everyone, just taking another moment to share with others. This blog is about my experiences with a few Veteran organizations. If you are a Vet and you meet their qualifications, please check them out.

These are in no particular order, actually a little randomized as not to offend anyone! I do have my favorite but that’s just between me and them.


     So I joined the WWP a long time ago, probably 2007ish. Actually back right about when they got the bad press about the money transparency issue. Please, people, realize that was a transparency issue and not a program issue. They are GREAT, support them if you are looking for someone to give to.  They do all kinds of stuff for our troops from adaptive equipment to educational and transition training to physical fitness programs and family programs. My greatest ways I have participated with them is through the family programs. It is really hard when you have been deployed a lot to rejoin with your younger kids and WWP in notorious for helping with that. We’ve seen Elmo, gone bowling and much more. It really does help.

     Number two is Combat Marine Outdoors. Phenomenal organization that takes wounded combat veterans on hunting and/or fishing trips. Someone is going to say, what does hunting do for a vet? Everyone is different, but what it does do is take that trooper and give them a no stress day or two. Literally a pause from life, where they are well fed, housed, and surrounded by the best group of people in Texas. It’s also not a one and done, I regularly talk with members of their team because they truly care that I make it in life. Side note, they provided me the opportunity to shoot the biggest whitetail deer I have ever seen in real life.

Picture of the Travis Manion Foundations logo, a T and a M combined to make a Spartan helmet.

     Last for this post is The Travis Manion Foundation. TMF is an organization that is founded on the principle, “if not me… then who.” And what they are referring to an idea that Travis Manion lived which basically was selfless service and character. Veterans and Gold Star Families are brought together to celebrate the legacy of our fallen comrades. They do this in a lot of ways, but going for the gusto I did the Spartan Leadership Program. We committed to an intense program that taught us about ourselves and about others. We learned “Character Does Matter,” a program that is designed to teach youth about how they can live a better life and just be a good person. And we constructed our Operation Legacy events, where we designed and implemented programs of our own to honor our fallen. I have planted trees in Houston and helped cut firebreaks in Colorado. This program, is about service, and it is really one of the best out there.

     So, why do I bring these things up? The reality that I have seen is that so many of our brothers and sisters in and out of uniform are still struggling. What I have learned is connection is the key. Even when you don’t want to, getting out there and connecting with other people has so many benefits to your soul it is unmeasurable. The difference between a bad day and no more days could be a friend, and the difference between being alive and living is purpose.

Keep it real yawl,


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