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Just a little about me.

So I started this as a bit of an experiment, you know something to see it I could do it. Obviously the answer was yes, so now I am in this place where some of my extroverted ideas had to catch up with my introverted self!

I am Royce, or Ock depending on who’s asking. Ock was my military nickname given to me because my bosses could never say my last name! Achterberg like October. So Ock. I retired from the Army a few years ago and hence and getting used to hearing Royce again. I will answer to both!

When I was in the final years of service I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do afterward, something in leadership was the obvious, but I wasn’t feeling it. Truth be known I was completely worn out. And leading some corporate thing, or teaching some group cool skills I took from the military, just wasn’t going to happen. I needed decompression.

That Wooden Flag.

One day I decided to make a hand carved wooden flag. BTW, this is the actual blog I wrote about the flag. It was difficult, no skills, no tools, no knowledge of wood. And throw on there I have had a few major TBIs meaning I have memory issues, learning issues, and my hands are not the steadiest. I kept moving and working on it. Techniques learned, tested, accomplished. I made the flag. I will not lie to you, its pretty bad! But it planted a seed that has continued to grow from that point on.

Somewhere in there I learned about CNC machines! Flags are a whole lot easier when a machine makes it! Right? Haha, wrong! So much to learn, but it was interesting and it led me into about ten different directions. Namely I went back to school for things like AutoCAD, Design, Illustration and so much more. I added a CO2 Laser to my shop abilities, learned web design (yeah, I made this), and learned some real hardcore traditional wood working skills.

From there I have started imparting my lessons to other people. I started my blog, mostly to teach others but also as a cathartic device for myself. Writing has always been my way of keeping my thoughts well arranged. So please stick with me on the blog!

Why Hill Country CNC & Woodworking?

It’s about my passions. I am passionate about where I come from and believe firmly that the Hill Country of Texas is the best place on Earth. I also just – love – working and creating things with wood. Hand tools to CNC, I geek out about it. I just love designing new things and making them come to life.

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