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Bronze Star Medal, US Department of the Army.
US Army "V" device, awarded for Valorous action in Combat.
Purple Heart Medal, received for injuries resulting from combat.

Hill Country CNC & Woodworking is a Veteran owned woodworking shop creating custom designs.

Our Services

Custom Signs

We take the your concept or your business identity are create a one of a kind  representation of you.  From the material choice through the design, it is all about creating your dream.

Cutting Boards

Charcuterie Boards are that heirloom item that is perfect for gifts or for personalizing your home.  From end grain to edge grain, walnut to mesquite we can do it all and prefer to create with locally grown wood.

Wavy American Flag


As a former Soldier, the flag means something special to Royce and his interpretations of both the US and Texas flags are amazing.   His artistic take spans both the classical versions of the flag and some really wild representations. 

Laser Burned Hill Country CNC & Woodworking

Laser Cut Designs

We can do so many amazing things with our lasers and imagination! Classical ornamental cutting or engraving, cylindrical etching for drinkware, and leather cut hat patches to name just a few!

Graphic Design

Royce’s strength lies in his imagination.  His ability to bring what he sees to fruition is a skill of an artist backed up with the classical education he has received in many of the top graphic design programs. 

CAD/CAM Programming

We are able to take most problems and program them into success. Focusing on computer aided drafting through AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Vectric VCarve Pro, the skies are the limit for almost all 3 axis programing. 

“He is an original thinker with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, Royce is always a creative pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller

Meet the Maker

“I think it would be great if I had this amazing backstory, but the truth is that I am just a normal guy that needed to find himself after the military. 


2019 brought us COVID and in that, an actual blessing in TIME.  Unable to go into work everyday I found myself sitting at home with extra time on my hands. This was perfect because I knew retirement from the Army was just around the corner. 


One day I decided to make a hand carved United States flag. That my friends is all she wrote!  I was instantly hooked even thought I realized quickly I was horrible at it! The determination led me to learning and then honing skills. 


Help from organizations like the Travis Manion Foundation and Combat Marine Outdoors pushed me out of my comfort zone to grow, and my cousins with L7 Construction LLC taught me some heavily needed skills.  


My family supported me every step and now I am realizing that dream on a daily basis, and frankly, I love it.” ~Royce

The HILLX Blog

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Wavy American Flag
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An edge grain cutting board with name inlay.
Can I flatten an End Grain Cutting Board with a CNC?
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