Why I chose the PiBurn 4.0 over the 4 Wheel Rotating Axis.

Why I chose the PiBurn 4.0

Picture of the PiBurn 4.0 Rotary Axis for CO2 Laser engraving.
This is the PiBurn 4.0 Rotary Axis for CO2 Laser engraving sold by Lens Digital LLC.

I usually just choose quality. But that isn't just the reason I chose the PiBurn 4.0 in this instance.

     Taking a slightly different approach to my blog today, I wanted to just let you know that I am not an expert. That their are people out there that know more than me and that crush me in sales.

     What I do know, is that some items don’t work, some work well, and some are designed so perfectly that if something goes wrong… It was your fault. 

The latter,  ladies and gentlemen, is the Pi Burn 4.0. 

The 4 Wheel Rotary Axis

Pictured is the 4 Wheel Rotary Axis (sold under many names) with a Yeti tumbler mounted.
The biggest problem with the 4 Wheel Rotary Axis is that it has nothing to stop the cup from moving up and down.

Why I ditched my 4 Wheel.

     When I started in Laser Etching/Engraving, I knew at some point that my wife would want an engraved cup so I went ahead and packaged the 4 Wheel Rotary Axis with my laser.  It was not a big goal of mine, but it was there. Eventually I got to it through customers requests and sales packages. 

     What I can say about the 4 Wheel is that it is very sturdy and honestly pretty well made. The connections are good, as well as the rubber o-rings.  From the very beginning I saw a major flaw. 

If you are still just learning what Laser Engraving is, check out this article about the 3 types of lasers!

     It’s simple. When you figure in the cost of a Yeti (or similar) cup, a mistake or error means real money. Mis-cut a piece of ply and you are out pennies, do that with a large Yeti and it’s $$$.

  • It has no longitudinal (up and down) holding device

  • It has no upward (lifting up) holding device. 

     The first means is that if your cup rolls forward or backward while lasing, your design WILL be flawed. Thus, trash.  The same goes for the upward movement. I have noticed that at some “perfect” speeds when you are a different cup, occasionally albeit rarely, they jump. If it jumps, again, garbage. 

The solution. PiBurn 4.0

This picture shows the front roller stopper. This is one of the items to me that makes the PiBurn so much better than several others.
This picture shows the front roller stopper. It allows the cup to roll without scraping on the front stop. This is one of the items to me that makes the PiBurn so much better than several others.

     The PiBurn 4.0 by Lens Digital LLC is specifically designed to target these problem. If I was their marketing team I would have a slogan like, “perfect, every time.” The PiBurn 4.0 comes with the following features that fix all issues I experienced:

  • Front-End Stop. This is designed to have the cup pushed forward so that it has a natural stopping point that keeps it in place. It does this with a roller so your cup isn’t grinding on a metal bar and works in conjunction with the

Does the PiBurn 4.0 work? Yes!

     I have laser etched somewhere around two hundred cups of different sizes since switching to the PiBurn 4.0 and all I can say is “wow,” because from the mechanical side of the etching, they are perfect every time. Zero movement. Just, exactly what you program every time. 

     Of course that is not to say that mistakes are not made. There is a lot that goes into calculating the circumference, steps per revolution and image design, but those are all on you. If YOU make the mistake you will learn from it and never do it again.

     With the 4 Wheel Rotary Axis the mistakes were random and very hard to actually improve on. I will say, that their are kits you can buy for that device that will “mostly” fix their flaws. An example is this one from Etsy. But you have to modify your device.  

This picture shows the PiBurn 4.0 Inner Roller Arm holding a cup from the inside.
The second thing that really makes the PiBurn 4.0 so awesome is the Inner Roller Arm. This keeps the cup from having any vertical or jumping movement.

    One more feature worth mentioning but not pictured is the adjustable roller in the back of the cup.  This roller is just one more failsafe that keeps your cup from coming off of the rotary.  I personally think that PiBurn has thought of it all with this product. Truly above standard. 

And if that wasn’t enough for you. LensDigital LLC, is out of Old Bridge, New Jersey.  They design, assemble, test and ship from the good ol’ USA. Some components come from vendors around the world, but that is close enough to “Made in America” for me!

Where to get the PiBurn 4.0 Rotary Device?

  • LensDigital LLC obviously sells their own product. 
  • OMTech Laser also sells the PiBurn if you happen to have an account with them. I mention that because OMTechs reward program is one of the better I have seen since starting my laser journey. 

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This picture shows the Lens Digital PiBurn 4.0 as it finishes a laser etching.

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