Get inspired today with these 3 great wood crafting ideas.

These are 3 great ideas to get you wood crafting TODAY!

#1. Rustic Wooden Letters


This is a great idea because it doesn’t require a lot of tools or experience. If you are able to find barn wood or even some pallet wood with unique qualities you can easily put together a family members (or clients) first letter of their name. The one pictured here took an old frame and some scrap wood, cut them to shape with a bandsaw and spliced them together with some glue and screws. Finish with a little stain and you have a great item.

Get inspired today with these 3 great wood crafting ideas.

#2. Bowls & Spoons

If you have any carving skills whatsoever, these can be a great item.  Again the beauty of a bowl or a spoon is that it takes time and some skill, but almost NO tools. You need a couple carving knives and wood! Their are some great instructionals out their that can teach you the step buy step on how to choose the right wood, what knives to buy and how to make your shape. 

#3. The Personalized Sign

I really like this one, because EVERYONE loves to celebrate their family. A sign like this one takes more tools, but is still relatively simple.
If you make the background a reclaimed wood, you only have to cut it to length (measuring tape & saw), and then the name can be cut on 1/4″ plywood with a hand jig saw. Easier with a band saw or laser cutter, but achievable without. For the letter design, you can find many of these styles online and then print them to paper. Just copy over the stencil to your piece of wood.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog and that is brought forward some ideas that you may not have thought of.

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