Can I fit a CO2 Laser in my garage?

This is an image of the Omtech AF4063 by 150 watt CO2 Laser.

Can I fit a CO2 Laser in my garage? Yes! You absolutely can fit a laser in your garage, but the question is what size and what other considerations are their. This article breaks some of that down for you using both dimensional graphics and my experience. 

How big is a CO2 Laser?

First one should ask themselves, how big is a CO2 laser and what am I really looking for? I constructed this article with the plan of really telling you the maximum size laser you can fit in a 1 car garage. Not to say that you have a 1 car, but generally people have a lot of stuff that will take up the second or third stall. 

To answer this question you should know that the smaller end example would be the Omtech Polar (38.2 inches wide, 22.3 inches deep, 9.2 inches tall). The Polar, ultimately is a desktop, inferring it would fit on a desk! That isn’t exactly what I am talking about in this article, but good for reference. 

My first machine was a Omtech AF2028 60 watt which I consider to be the first real step up to professional size. It’s still not huge, but it starts taking up room (47 inches wide, 34 inches deep, 37 inches tall).

A large example would be the Omtech AF4063 150 watt (86.6 inches wide, 60.6 inches deep, 37 inches tall). This is really about as big as they come.   

How big is a standard garage?

The standard 1 car garage in the United States is 12 foot (144 inches) by 20 foot (240 inches). UK and European garages are generally a little smaller.

This is a digitally created layout image of the Omtech AF4063 laser as it would fit into a garage.
This is a dimensionally correct rendering of an Omtech AF4063 150 watt laser as it would fit into a one car garage. The Chiller, a required addition, is also depicted.

What would a large laser look like in a 12' by 20' garage stall?

The rendering above, is roughly what it would look like to have a large CO2 Laser in a one car garage stall. Again, I am using the large laser to depict this because, if this fits everything smaller will too!  

Notice the smaller box next to the large one, that is a Water Chiller. Most CO2 lasers require a chiller unit to cool their tube. You can use a bucket, pump, water version, but it would still take up about the same space for this conversation.   

This image shows the graphic dimensions of the large Omtech AF4063 150 watt laser in a 12 by 20 garage.
Looking at the dimensions from the overhead view, this is a graphic dimensions of the large Omtech AF4063 150 watt laser in a 12 by 20 garage.

Are there other considerations for laser space?

Yes. When you look at your space you need to look at a few things:

  • Ventilation. You must have at minimum a tube running the fans exhaust out of your area. Remember the fumes from plastics and other items are toxic. 

  • Power. Well, you have to have power to run it, but you also want to have stable power. That means you really want to limit the number of items that are on that same plug/breaker. A change in stead power means a change in laser output.

  • Level. The machine needs to be level, although most do come with leveling casters if your garage is sloped. 

  • Working area. Not a requirement, but I find myself using areas of my shop for assembly and packaging of goods. 

Why do you keep mentioning the Omtech?

Good question and it’s not a nefarious reason! I mention the Omtech brand for a few reasons, and no I am not currently an affiliate marketer for them.

I use them as an example because I own Omtech lasers! I bought one and have not looked back. They are great, reliable and well priced lasers. If you want a Glowforge, look at the Polar. If you keep hearing about Thunders, look at the Omtech AF and MF series. 

Another reason I used Omtech, because unlike some of the other lasers, you can go a little bigger with them. The average other laser brand stops a bit short of Omtech’s most powerful laser, so in wanting to represent the biggest, it was a no brainer. 

So can you fit a large CO2 Laser in your garage? Absolutely!

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Have a great one!


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