Great Woodworking Tools Made in the USA

Woodworking Tools Made in the USA

I know from being in several dozen forums, chat groups and clubs that we Americans (if you happen to be American, as this is the world wide web) have a deep seated belief that buying local is the better thing to do. And I don’t disagree with this at all. If you happen to be from one of the other countries that follows me (mostly Australia, Canada and India) I would take a second look at your buying practices and try to support your country more as well. 

Why buy USA made tools?

  • You Supporting American jobs and businesses: When you buy USA made tools, you are supporting American jobs and businesses which is in essence, supporting yourself. This helps to strengthen the US economy and create more jobs.
  • Ensuring quality and safety: US-made tools are generally held to high standards of quality and safety. The US has strict regulations in place to ensure that products are safe and meet certain quality standards.
  • Better customer service: US-based companies are more likely to offer good customer service than overseas companies. Local businesses are more accessible and accountable to their customers.
  • Faster shipping and returns: US-based companies can typically ship and return products faster than overseas companies. 
  • More convenient warranty service: US-based companies are more likely to offer convenient warranty service than overseas companies. Several factors go intowhy you want a local warranty, but some are things like language barriers, local brand pride and normalized warranty procedures. 
  • Reducing your carbon footprint: Transporting goods from overseas has a significant environmental impact. By buying US-made tools, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help to protect the environment.
  • Promoting national pride: Buying US-made tools shows support for American businesses and workers. It can also help to promote national pride and patriotism.

An Affiliate Side Note

I am an affiliate marketer, anyone that blogs is. But to date, I have NO AFFILIATE links in this blog post. This is just me recommending some good made in the USA tools. You might see an ad or two, and I would love to be an affiliate if you happen to own Woodpeckers, but as of right now, you are safe from me sneaking (which I identify on my other blogs) in a affiliate link! 

Pictured are cabinet doors with a Lie-Nielsen block plane on top.


I can’t exactly say why, probably because the US still has a lot of precision metal machining businesses, tools like squares are well populated in the genre of USA made tools.

  • Smart Square Tools: Smart Square 7.5″. Made in the USA out of durable .25 inch aluminum, anodized. CNC milled from T6 extruded aluminum. This is a pretty interesting square adding the flip edge for corners. 

  • Woodpeckers: The Woodpeckers 26″ and 18″ Precision Squares. I think eveyone one knows this brand and honestly wants to buy it, but it comes with a price tag. But think about precision and what a cabinet out of square is worth. Also, many of the Woodpeckers tools are what are considered “One Time Tools” meaning, that’s the only one you ever buy. 

  • PEC Tools: Solid Square Set: 2 ,3, 4, and 6 inch Squares. These are the squares I use a great deal of the time. My mentor, Rob Cosman teaches Dovetail layout with them and you really just can’t go wrong with them. 


Triangles are like Squares to me, and at times it’s hard for me to tell the difference. I guess in reality they are just different versions of the same purpose. Either way I prefer the triangle for almost everything. I do definitely choose the square for my Dove Tail work. 

  • TSO: The MTR-18 Precision Triangle.  This sucker is bad from my perspective. It is dimensionally stable precision aluminum tooling plate guaranteed square to within .001″ over its 18″ length. I don’t know ANY business that can say that! 

Combination Squares

Combination squares are a must have in my opinion. They are great for squaring lumber, cutting miters, laying out joinery, setting up table saws or router tables, marking mortises and tenons, checking level and last scribing lines. 

Measuring Rulers

As with all things fine carpentry and woodworking, you need things to be a precise as possible. Here is were I really get into precise rulers because they can really make of break your project. 

  • Woodpeckers: HexScale Ruler I happen to like the hex scale ruler, I think because it is a drafting style ruler, but either way it gives you a solid flat surface you can use with the added benefit of the lower angle edge. 

  • PEC Tools: English/Metric Rigid Black Chrome Rulers


I am a pretty staunch supporter of the Woodcraft line of planes (which are very similar to Lie-Nielsen and based off Stanley) but unfortunately they are NOT made in the USA. Lie-Nielsen is!


  • Lie-Nielsen: Number 5 Jack Plane. The jack of all trades plane and an excellent example of America quality. It’s not cheap, but this tool is probably in the top 3 best planes in the world. 

  • Lie-Nielsen: Small Shoulder Plane. Another great Lie-Nielsen tool for making those really dialed in shoulders, rabbets, tenons, and grooves.


A rasp is an odd tool that I think many of us don’t use anymore, but it you are making a handle for a saw or creating some fine curvature the rasp is invaluable. 

Wrapping it up. USA made tools ARE undoubtable better, so put them first!

Make sure to check out the rest of my website and blog! My store has many of the common items I personally use and the WHY behind it.

Have a great one!


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