Top advice for your Small Wood Business

Top advice for your Small Woodworking, CNC or Laser Business

For those that follow me, you will know that in the big scheme of things I am a very small fish in the world of woodworking, CNC milling and laser work. But what I do know that most conventional wood based businesses don’t know is how to get influential advice into my plans and work. 

This article is NOT going to blow your mind, but hopefully the advice I give, coupled with a lot of advice I have taken from mentors you might spur more action to help your business. 

This is a picture of the Rob Cosman designed woodworking bench given to participants of the Purple Heart Program (PHP)

What is my BEST advice for a small business?

Honestly, I think that boils down to a more specific question, like what are you trying to accomplish. More growth? Larger Sales? A better turnover of repeat customers? Happier home life? It’s really subjective. 

With those questions in mind, here are my big three tips for a successful and happy business:

  • Stay true to You. If you are doing things just to pay your bills you are likely causing cracks in your foundation. And, although sometimes that is necessary not loosing sight of why you started your business should be your focus.

  • Make a 18-24 month Roadmap. This is a golden technique. A plan, that goes month by month, of what you want to accomplish. How much you want to make. How much you intend to spend. Major family functions or vacations. Anything that you can plan, put it on there. No joke my Roadmap is like 11 pages long and is super detailed. I don’t always hit everything, but it keeps me on track.

  • Find a mentor. You don’t have to do it all alone, and someone else has been where you are. Let their experience smooth the bumps in the road ahead of you. 

Thoughts from my Mentors and people I collaborate with about business.

  • Operate in excellence, surround yourself with like minds (iron sharpens iron) don’t quit! (it’s ok to pause & restrategize) but never give up!

  • Incredible customer service, always above & beyond, and follow up with customer!!! 

  • Get your Taxes done by a small Business specialist!! You’ll be glad that you did.

  • What differentiates you to your competition? You should have this answer and be promoting it constantly. 

  • Consistency, Authenticity, Excellent Customer Service. 

  • Stay connected with community. Be loyal to community. 

  • Stay true and authentic to who you are and you’ll attract the right people to you and your business!

  • Never underestimate your time.

  • Having a well-thought-out plan is really important. To achieve success, it’s crucial to establish a strong company structure and put in place an effective marketing plan.

  • Don’t forget to pay Yourself.

  • Nothing happens without your mental and physical health.

  • Stay consistent even when you think no one is noticing.

  • Do your research: Make sure that you understand your target market, your competition, and the industry as a whole.

  •  Ideas do not fail. Business owners fail to give their ideas what they need to succeed.

  • You are worthy of success without sacrificing your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. The correlation of a healthy inner being, stable home life is in direct proportion to your ability to scale your business.

  • Stay away from loans and don’t double the price. Friends and family they should buy don’t give them for free.

  • 20% of your client base brings in 80% of your revenue..  focus on them for repeat business and build your brand.

  • When done correctly, marketing is a lucrative investment, not an expense.

An asset I use (I am not an affiliate for Project 24)

I have been following the teachings of the Project 24 system for over a year now and I will say, even if you just dive into the YouTube videos it will help you understand business and stay motivated! Again, I am not an affiliate for them, it’s just advice! I will also say that at principle, they are about making a blogging or YouTube business based off your niche… BUT I find their advice really helps me across the board in my work. 

Feel free to add your own small business wisdom below in the comments!

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Have a great one!


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