Top 10 selling projects for a CNC small business.

These are ten ideas to get your small business CNC making money!

#1. Tie Hanger.

I personally really like this one because it is really easy to do with a CNC and is very cheap on the materials side. Grab some 1/4″ material from the big box store, purchase the file, and you are ready to go! 

I also really like this one as it is a seasonal specialty. Father’s Day and Christmas are always difficult times to find a little something special for your Dad.

#2. Pumpkin Boxes

This just doesn’t sound right, but it’s true. May folks have picked up (maybe empty-nesters) that gutting a pumpkin every year is a pretty messy process with an expected rotten gourde on their front steps a week later. Pumpkin boxes really, really sell.

Find a good file, load it and cut away. Super simple and an almost guarenteed sell. This was 2021’s #1 for sure.

#3 Stove Top Cover

So I don’t really get this one because it covers your stove, and at least in my house we use it everyday. Thus you have to move it.

But people love them! If you do a nice inlay on a project this size you can really increase the profit margin. 

#4. Mother Day Gift

We did Father’s Day, can’t forget Mom!

This particular design is laser cut, but the idea is sound and can be done with a CNC. A simple sign to remind her that you will love her forever!

#5 Charcuterie (Cutting) Boards

This one has a heavily saturated market and takes some serious expertise, but they are highly valued and still desired. If you have a craft following or use the booth method at craft fairs, this one can really pay off.
I really love the CNC for this project because once you have it dialed in, you can flatten the surfaces PERFECTLY, something that requires an expensive planer otherwise and you can do perfect juice grooves and outside edge carves.

#6. The Real Estate Key

This one is a real hidden gem, because everywhere has Real Estate agents and they are ALWAYS looking for new ways to advertise.

If you play your cards right, you can make a great business out of this. Some Real Estate Agents will just want one for the photo op that they can use over and over again, BUT!

If you play your cards right you could convince them to buy one for each home and give it to the buyer as a home warming gift!

#7. Christmas Reindeer!

Sticking with that holiday theme, the “pair o’ reindeer” is a really great seller leading up to Christmas. And again, SO easy to make. A file like what is seen here can be bought for a few dollars, and then it;s just setting up your machine and running it.

Another thought is profit margin, no one expects yard animals to be exotic hardwood, so you can go alittle cheaper on the material, seal it well, and you are good to go. This pair? I would sell for $100.

#8. Bowls

Ok, so this is not my particular favorite, BUT they SELL. The key here is to personalize (which is hard for something like a craft fair) but doable if you market right.

People want things that are real, personalized and will last their entire life. The little bowl on your bathroom counter that you put your rings in at night are one of those things!

#9. The Wedding Gift

This is one of those reciprocating gifts. Once you have perfected it and had it given at ONE wedding, you will have repeat business forever.

People remember special events and personalized gifts. Do make sure to put your contact information on the back of the sign! Also, if you get a picture of the bride & groom holding it!

#10. The Sign

Private Individuals, Businesses, Lake Houses, Houses, they all need signs and this is a venue that can make serious money.

The smaller signs might bring in $80, but the really intricate or larger signs will immediately start pushing $1,000!

This is definitely the higher experience level earnings, but in truth, it’s where I started. You can too!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog and that is brought forward some ideas that you may not have thought of.

Please, please, please like this blog! And follow me for more content, it really helps me grow!

As always, take it easy!

Ronin, OUT. 

Some of these pictures are based on my personal work, others are from stock photos used specifically for illustrating the item being described. Copyrighted material may be used under the principles of fair use. The fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

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