My top 3 Surfacing Bits of 2023

These are the best 3 Surfacing Bits for hobbyist CNC I have used in 2023.

After a while in an industry, you start to realize… I know stuff, and other people tend to gravitate to me for knowledge. To me this is one of those areas I can help in the CNC machining world. Our investments in the machine and accessories can really add up fast so knowing the little tips can really help when choosing things like bits.

I am an affiliate for some of these products. However, I could be an affiliate for man different products but I specifically chose this one because it is the product I actually like and recommend. By using my links, you help support this website.

Listing my preferred surfacing bits from GOOD to GREAT.

Image of the Whiteside 6210 Surfacing Bit.

First, we will start with the Whiteside 6210. Here is an affiliate link to the Whiteside 2120. 

  • Made in the USA!

  • Under $40!!!

  • Carbide tipped

  • 3 blade edges

  • 1″ Cutting Diameter

This little bit is famous, if you don’t know of it go ahead and buy yourself one. You really won’t regret it. With that said, you have to say why is this not the industry standard if it is so good? 

It’s so good, for the price. My issues with it basically lay in that it has three cutting surfaces that once they wear out, are done. You basically can throw it away at that point. You can’t sharpen a surfacing bit to the precision needed for all three surfaces. My other issue is the 1″ cutting diameter.

The other big issue I have is that the bit only cuts at 90 degrees. This causes stress on the wood leading to possible grain tear out. 

Not bad for a charcuterie board, but a real booger for something large.

This is a picture of the Sinoprotools Slab Flattening Surface Bit in a 1/4" shank with a 1 1/2" cutting radius.

Sinoprotools Slab Flattening 1/4" Shank, 1 1/2" Cutting Diameter Bit

This bit is the median size and price between the three and I have to say it is the smoothes surfacing bit I have used. I think you could find better with a 1/2″ shank, but in this category it is pretty good.

A big part that makes me move away from the Whiteside bit is that it only has one cutting face (and it’s at 90 degrees). This challenges the wood and if you know anything about hand plane surfacing/flattening is where you get errors. The Sinoprotools cuts at two seperate angles, easing the stress on the wood. 

It looks cool too!

My only dislike is the diameter cutting area, again, I wish it was a bit bigger.


Here is an affiliate link to the Sinopro Tools Slab Flattening Bit

  • About $60, of course prices occasionally fluctuate.
  • Made in the United Arab Emirates
  • The Surfacing Router Bit, Shank 6.35mm(1/4″); Cut Diameter: 38.1mm(1-1/2″)
  • 2+2 Carbide Inserts: Cutting Flute 12mm*12mm*1.5mm, Up-shear Scorers,Max RPM 18000.
  • Mini insert carbide spoilboard surfacing & rabbeting with scorer, great for cutting tight corners. Features unique 2+2 insert knife design that contains two cutting flutes and two up-shear scorers, which provide a smoother finish at the bottom of the cut than traditional two-knife style router bits. Great for surface planing.
  • Replaceable Inserts, it feature solid carbide insert knives with four cutting edges that allow users to rotate the knife when one side becomes dull providing the highest-quality finish available on woodworking tools.You can replace the router bit inserts, rather than replacing the entire bit.
  • Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers. Also suitable for router sled machines.
  • Good for surfacing MDF, Fiberboard, HDF/LDF, Balsa, High Density Urethane (HDU Board), Plastic/Acrylic, Plywood/Chipboard, Hardwood/Softwood, Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
Amana Tool RC-2265 CNC Spoilboard Insert Carbide 3 Wing, Surfacing, Planing, Flycutting & Slab Leveler 1-1/2 Diameter x 1/4 SHK Router Bit

The Amana Tool RC-2265 CNC Spoilboard Bit is my favorite and is exceptional for the 1/4″ shank. Here is an affiliate link for the RC-2265.

  • Made in the USA!
  • 3 Carbide Blade Inserts
  • Pricey at $180
  • 1.5″ Cutting Diameter

Final thoughts.

The RC-2265 is an exceptional surfacing bit! With a 1.5″ cutting diameter, you can solve the problem of flatting large surfaces quickly. It leaves a perfectly smooth surface. That alone is totally worth it. The next positive is that the bit has blade inserts. If your blades dull or you get a ding, you can just rotate the insert or replace it.

The second and probably most important thing about this bit is the blades have multiple cutting edges. This causes a chamfer on the lead in edge of the surfacing, reducing stress on the wood. Normal 90 degree bits will not effectively cut end grain, this on will. Here is an article I wrote about end grain surfacing. 

The third thing I like about the bit is the weight of it. It’s heavy. In machining, as well as sawing, heavier weight means less vibration. Vibration is the number 1 enemy of the CNC. If a bit is overly vibrating, the material will transfer that vibration and unless you have the material attached to your bench perfectly, it will move. That, is how bits break. 

For those followers of mine that think I am a die hard Amana guy; my dislikes. Well, for one, it’s pretty expensive. I guess you get what you pay for, but the Whiteside 6210 can do almost everything the RC-2265 can. Where I draw the line is time and material. If I have spent hours milling and glueing up some Olivewood or Sepele, I don’t want my surfacing to ruin it. With high end wood, it’s just not worth the possibility of a cheaper bit causing a ptroblem like tear-out. 


This is an article that might interest you about buying or getting into the hobbyist CNC world. 

And this is one of my FAVORITE articles about how to set up your software to surface your spoilboard!

I really have use for all three of these surfacing bits in my business, but as my top bit of 2023 I have to say it’s the Amana RC-2265. When looking at improvements I personally wish it had a wider cutting diameter, but I also understand that at a 1/4″ shank you have limitations. The vibration and stability of a wider diameter cutting surface would just be too much. 

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Have a great one!


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