Wood stack at Dakota Hardwoods in San Antonio, TX.

Choosing the right material for you next CNC project.

What material should you use for your next CNC project? Woodworkers, Craftsmen, CNC Operators and Laser Engravers are always pondering, “what material should I use next?”   The answer is as infinite as the question and really can’t be decided here. Too many follow on questions, this is just more of a philosophical view of …

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This is an image of Purpleheart wood blanks.

Purpleheart Wood (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly).

Is Purpleheart Wood a choice for woodworking projects? Let me start by saying, as a woodworker, you just have to be enamored by the beauty of some hardwoods.  We all grew up coloring trees with our super fat Crayola Brown Crayon. Who knew that their were colors like Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Canarywood or Tulipwood. Unfortunately, sometimes …

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Tax deductions and Write Off article

Small Business Tax Deductions

Small Business Tax Deductions & Write-Offs (2023) This article is a list if items that several groups of small business mastermind groups came up with from my poll question, what do you deduct or write-off in your woodworking, CNC milling or Laser etching small business?   It feels wrong to be writing about taxes, but …

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Picture of a man looking at a financial statement implying recession.

Can a Crafts business survive a RECESSION?

Can a Woodwork/CNC/Laser Craft Small Business Survive a Recession?       In this article I will discuss the growing fears of a recession and what you can do to help prevent your business from struggling or failing. From some very simple tips to ideas I have gleaned from some top businessmen and mentors, if you are …

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Wavy American Flag

What is a CNC?

What is a CNC machine? As a CNC operator and geek I get this question all the time so naturally, I have to blog about it. In this short blog I will aim to answer this question for you! A CNC is by definition, a computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine …

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