XFasten Double-Sided Woodworking Tape


I think one of the biggest issues new CNC Woodworkers misunderstand is the velocity and vibration that their CNC machine creates. In that, so many first (second, third….) projects are ruined and bits are broken by the material they are cutting moving.

The XFasten Tape, is a good option to prevent that. People use clamps, T-tracks (waste of money), nails, screws and CA glue to hold things down and I will tell you. The tape is hard to beat. Here’s my quick breakdown on those items:

  • Clamp: New operators hit them with their CNC! Breaks the bit or destroys the clamp.
  • T-Tracks: So cool looking, but a total waste. It’s the same thing, you will (unless you are experienced) hit the T-track Clamp or the T-Track itself!
  • Nails/Screws: They work. BUT, they are metal so again if you hit it say goodbye to your bit. They also destroy your surface board.
  • CA Glue: The best option listed right here, but I find it is messy and no matter how careful I am it still gets small amounts on my product. It’s just a headache.

The BEST answer? I would say a real vacuum table, but lets be honest, that’s not available to everyone. So, the tape. This XFasten tape is great. It has not failed me once. It secures my material and doesn’t move. I do use the 4 inch “just in case” and I don’t skimp on it either. Let’s face it, when I have $300 in material and a $50 bit, $5 worth of tape is acceptable to me.

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Hope this helps you out!


Hill Country CNC & Woodworking

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  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH DOUBLE SIDED WOODWORKING TAPE. This premium CNC machine tape for woodworking is an industrial-grade silicone adhesive with strong shear stress resistance. Still, it does not leave off residue nor damage or chip off the wood surface upon removal. This double sided tape that sticks to wood is precisely calibrated to meet woodworker’s needs.
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  • TRUSTED DOUBLE SIDED WOODWORKER’S TAPE. Woodworker’s trust this double sided tape for CNC routers because of its high shear stress resistance and solid tensile strength that can withstand high rotational speeds and will keep wood panels perfectly in their place.


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