Amana Tool 49410 Chamfer 22-1/2 Degree Router Bit


Why I like the Amana Tool 49410. I really like making a few things(outside of commissioned work) one of which is cutting boards, or charcuterie boards. Why? I think anyone thinks they can do it, and I guess they can. But to make one perfect, with style, is something awesome.

Thant’s where the Amana Tool 49410 comes in for me. I like doing things that are not really seen much. Nobody (but me) is making these boards with a 22.5 degree chamfer on the edges. And it looks SO good.

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Amana Tool 49410 Carbide Tipped Chamfer 22-1/2 Degree x 1-1/4 D x 15/16 CH x 1/2 Inch SHK w/ Lower Ball Bearing Router Bit


Produce crisp, uniform edges at accurate angles to make 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-,or 16-sided boxes.

  • Carbide tipped
  • Industrial quality
  • Chamfer or bevel edges for decorative effect or to form edge miter joints

For best results use in a router table.


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