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Kynup 12 inch Digital Caliper


The Kynup 12 inch Digital Caliper is the best I have found.


This is what I consider to be the #1 tool in my CNC shop. With anything CNC, CO2 Laser or most Woodworking you must know the exact dimensions of your materials. The Kynup 12 inch Digital Caliper will do that and I can tell you, it has never failed me (Royce from Hill Country CNC & Woodworking). It definitely has my seal of approval!

There are 6″ versions of this caliper, but you never know when you will need the extra measuring capacity.

Pricey? A little. But you can buy junk every 6 months or buy something good once! I use these calipers daily in my business from measuring stock materials for laser cutting, to milling slabs to create a perfect cabinet door.

Make sure to check out the rest of my website and blog! My store has many of the common items I personally use and the WHY behind it.

Have a great one!


Hill Country CNC & Woodwork


Kynup 12 inch Digital Caliper

3 Units Conversion– You can switch 3 units with the calipers: inch, mm and fraction based on your habits with the push of a button. Press the on/off button, slide the digital caliper to anywhere, then you can read the values on the display. And you can reset it to zero by zero button.

Precise & Accurate– Kynup 8″ caliper has a measurement range of 0 – 12″/ 0 – 300mm; accuracy to ±0.0015”/0.03mm and resolution to 0.0005″/0.01mm. Perfect and accurate caliper measuring tool for household or DIY measurement. Please choose stainless steel digital caliper for more accurate measuring.

4 Measuring Ways– Caliper measuring tool comes with two sets of jaws and a probe, which are easy to measure depth, step, external and internal diameter, making all your objects measurable. 3 batteries are provided: one installed and other two as spare batteries

Splash Proof Stainless Steel Material– The Splash Proof micrometer is constructed of first-class STAINLESS STEEL, Splash Proof, anti-rust, which has a strong frame with lockable head. The housing is made of metal with silver paint on the surface.

Wide Application Auto Off– The 12 inch caliper micrometer is always used by professionals and hobbyists alike, by jewelers, hobbyists, woodworkers, DIY. Auto shutdown for saving battery after within 6 minutes if without operation

Product Features

Premium Material. Heavy duty splash proof stainless-steel body, dust protected and splash water resistant.

Accurate Reading. Strictly tested to ensure exact measurements accurate to ±0.0015”/0.03mm

Zero Calibration. Press to set to zero at any position to measure the next section

Auto Shut-Off. Auto turn-off after about 6 min of inactive operation.


Material: IP54 Splash Proof Stainless Steel

Size: 16.93 x 5.31 x 1.34 in

Weight: 25.92 OZ

Measuring Range: 0-12 inches/0-300 mm


±0.03mm/0.0015” (>200-300mm)

Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005”

Battery: 3V button cell



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